Brand: Sattva Ayurveda
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Sattva means the quality of goodness, positivity, truth, wholesomeness, serene, holistic, creative, constructive, balance, confidence, peaceful, virtuous, drawn towards dharma and Jnana (knowledge).

Guggul is a resin derived from the Commiphoramukul tree, or Indian balm, growing in the dry and semi-arid areas of nortern India. Frankincense has a charakteristic sweet-fruit smell. Incense smoke clears the sphere of holiness, drives away evil spirits, helps to achieve internal balance, peace and harmony.

Those incenses are made fresh with essence of flowers, herbs, woods, plant-resins and honey. Hand rolled onto bamboo sticks.

This incense was handmade in the same 400 years tradition of sacred incense making.

No synthetic fragance, ingredients of petrochemicals.

How to use:

Light one stick with a little flame.

Blow out flame.

Incense will continue to smolder for up 60-70 minutes


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